Established in 1990. Our Group locates in the Qingdao China, specializing in design and producing different kinds of Polyurethane wheels, Our PU wheels are widely used in shopping trolley,furniture,medical instruments,handcart, industrial apparatus,industrial trolley and rack, wheelbarrow, lawn cart, hand trolley, mobility chairs, home use, health care, Wheelchair,tool carts,baby troller etc. All wheels can be manufactured in different colors,sizes and various thickness accordling to every customer's design and specification .

Our PU wheels without calcium powder with patent formulas.

We have developed high-performance PU wheels for customers.

It is different for per consumer’s requirement. We are facing the era which time is money and safety is the first thing, which is a great era for someone who are seeking value of products. In this case, we developed several series of high performance for polyurethane wheels to meet customer’s will.

Customers from America and Europe need that performance of products is higher and higher. They pay more attention to excellent features than PU wheels price.

In order to meet consumer’s requirement, we invested huge capitals to develop several series for PU wheels. All raw materials must be top grade. Our cost is two times as expensive as cheap raw materials price. Our technical team tested thousands of times for PU wheel with outstanding performance. At last, we succeed in excellent characteristics of polyurethane wheel industry.

I kindly ask for you to spend a little time to read following.

1)Wear proof type

 Life of the PU wheel is very long, which is over one time longer than common one.

2)heavy-duty type  

 The polyurethane wheels can load more quantity than normal PU wheels, so consumers can save some work time. the wheels can be used under some special condition.

3)Anti-cracking type  

 Consumers can use the PU wheels under cold weather.          

4)Eco-friendly type  

 Raw materials of the polyurethane tires don’t contain any harmful component to keep air clean.    

5)Comfortable type

 The polyurethane wheels can reduce fatigue when consumer uses it.          

Why do someone quote low price for PU foam wheels?

You can get 100 different price of polyurethane wheels if you inquiry 100 suppliers. Someone can quote very low price, and someone quote high price. Importers will be confused. How should I choose?

You must understand the point which raw materials of PU wheel is expensive. Some companies add calcium powder to raw materials to cut down production cost. They add calcium powder according to quotation. In fact, buyer give any price, polyurethane wheel manufacturer can supply, but PU foam wheels quality is different.

Raw materials of PU wheels have grade A, gradeB, gradeC. Those very cheap PU wheels only use C grade and mix calcium powder to raw materials. Do you know calcium powder price is very cheap?

We produce only use grade A raw materials and special formula for PU wheels with high performance. Our company invested huge money for research of high performance PU wheel.

Do you know the standard of good PU wheels?

One of my customers said that rough surface is good. What do you think of the point? I think that most consumers don’t understand what is good for polyurethane wheel. As an expert of PU wheel, I would like to share some ideas.

Good PU foam wheels must bear features as followings:

1)      smooth surface without small holes.

2)      It can recover original shape under loading heavy weight.

3)      Don’t crack under cold weather.

4)      Long life under normal condition

If someone add some cheap materials to raw materials of PU wheel, they have no above characteristics. Do you dare to buy cheap PU foam wheel?

1). Are you a factory or a trading company?
We are an outstanding export-oriented PU wheels factory inChina.
2). Is OEM available?
Yes, OEM is available. We have professional engineers to develop your brand for promotion.
3). Is the sample available?
Yes, samples are available for you to test the quality, but you must afford to express cost.
4). Are the PU wheels tested before shipping?
Yes, all of our PU wheels were qualified very batch before shipping.
5). Can you develop PU wheels which I need?
Sure, we can make the best suitable design and develop new raw materials formulas for you as long as we get the details such as
a) dimension b) loading capacity c)Where is PU wheel used? d)What characteristics do PU wheels have?
6). What should I do if the PU wheels have any quality problem?
We believe you, only you show pictures with PU wheels problem, we will send free PU wheels to you.

It is our goal that per customer who is different and high requirement is satisfied with our products and service.