Why is notable different PU wheels price among suppliers?

2023-04-25 10:34:41 admin

There are thousands of suppliers of polyurethane wheels in the world. Some companies quote very low price for customers, and another some give high price. In this case, importers often are confused. How do I choose PU foam wheel? Should I decide to buy cheap wheel or expensive one?

Everyone knows that price bases on quality of products. Nobody will lose money for business. You will make wrong if you only pay attention to price of wheels. Now I discover the secret of price for you. These suppliers with low quotation have to add some calcium powder to raw materials of polyurethane wheel. Do you know price of calcium powder is very cheap? Do you know the component of raw materials of PU wheels is very expensive? I would like to confirm the price of raw materials of PU wheels get to USD4600/ton, and the price of calcium powder is only USD300/ton. Now you should understand why the price of PU foam wheel is so different.

These wheels that mix calcium powder to raw materials are easy to crack under normal condition, and their life is very short. Would you like to import these with low price?