Do you know polyvinyl alcohol-elastic polyurethane wheels ?

2023-04-25 11:11:39 admin

Elastic polished emery wheel of polyvinyl alcohol polyurethane and preparation method thereof.Polyvinyl alcohol and distilled water are first mixed by this preparation method, under 50~95 DEG C of water-baths, dissolve 20~30min, obtain polyvinyl alcohol water solution under conditions of rotating speed 400~600r/min;Then polyvinyl alcohol water solution is heated to 30~100 DEG C, it is initially charged abrasive material, add base polyurethane prepolymer for use as, catalyst and pore after stirring under conditions of rotating speed 300~600r/min and generate agent, be uniformly mixed at rotating speed 400~600r/min, and react 5~10min;Under the conditions of 30~100 DEG C, solidify 2~4h, obtain good springiness, resistance to water is good, excellent radiation performance, mechanical strength are high buffing wheel.This elastic polished emery wheel uniform foam cell, tear resistance and grinding force are good, the wet indeformable curling of wet, are suitable to grind for a long time work.

A kind of polyvinyl alcohol-elastic polyurethane buffing wheel, is prepared by above-mentioned preparation method.

Polyvinyl alcohol prepared by the present invention-elastic polyurethane buffing wheel uniform foam cell, aperture is at micron level, micro-gas Abrasive dust can be got rid of rapidly in hole, does not clogsLight weight is flexible, and pliability is goodHardness is big, and fragility is littleFormed by polyurethane Bonding agent can strengthen its heat dispersion, tear resistance and grinding power.

Relative to prior art, having the advantages that and beneficial effect:

(1) utilize polyvinyl alcohol and base polyurethane prepolymer for use as crosslinking curing, be combined organic for both premium properties.System Standby bonding agent has more preferable elastic effect, and easy and machined surface the shape of grinding tool is arranged in pairs or groups, and polishing effect more preferably, simultaneously will not be right Workpiece produces cut, can obtain lapped face the most attractive in appearanceAnd bonding agent viscosity increases, intensity increases, and can reduce grinding During the coming off in a large number of abrasive material, grinding rate and grinding effect can be promoted

(2) present invention uses what polyvinyl alcohol and urethane crosslinks can form high-crosslinking-degree to have the new of three-dimensional net structure Type functional high molecule material, can control crosslinking rate and raising rate by regulation and control catalyst system and catalyzing, use physical blowing simultaneously Agent auxiliary foaming, can form abscess aperture and the structure being evenly distributed, and can reduce the destruction to hole wall, the minimizing big abscess of formation or The probability that hollow is caved in.

(3) utilizing aqueous polyurethane to replace aldehydes crosslinking, thus it is possible to vary currently used aldehydes crosslinking acetalizing degree Low, aldehydes free amount height, the present situation of low-temperature stability difference, reduces the aldehydes pollution on environment and the impact of product toxicity, it is achieved Green chemical industry, environmental protection low stain.

Below in conjunction with embodiment, the present will be further described, but the scope of protection is not limited to reality Execute within the scope of example expression.