Polyvinyl alcohol-elastic polyurethane wheel

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A kind of buffing wheel, particularly relate to a kind of polyvinyl alcohol-elastic polyurethane wheels and Preparation methodThis elastic polished emery wheel have high crosslink density, good springiness, resistance to water be good, excellent radiation performance, mechanical strength High feature.

Polishing technology, is the edge subject of an emerging technology and complexity, belongs to grinding-polishing technical field.Polishing Emery wheel integrates grinding, polishes, and has excellent grinding, polishing performance, be widely used in aviation, machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, The every field such as metallurgy, chemical industry, building, furniture, decoration and articles for daily use.

The preparation method of tradition buffing wheel, usually dry preparation process, will abrasive material, bonding agent, wetting agent, bonding Agent mixes, and sieves, molding, sintering, and processing prepares.Such as Chinese invention patent ZL90109282.7, discloses one Improve the manufacture method of the silicon carbide grinding wheel of bonding agent, mainly by boron glass 13%20%, clay 20%30%, Anhydrite 50%65%, be sintered at 1320 DEG C1370 DEG C again after the mixing of the material such as fusing binder, but traditional method due to Needing by high temperature sintering, easily produce evil mind, percent defective is higher.

Along with the development of technology, in order to improve productivity ratio, people gradually work out a kind of preparation that need not high temperature sintering The method of emery wheelSuch as Japan Patent JP316204 discloses the manufacture method of a kind of resinoid bonded wheel, utilizes phenolic resin The manufacture method of leachy resinoid bonded wheel in binding agent bonded-abrasive, tissue, including step: first by abrasive particle, phenolic aldehyde Resinoid bond, water and foaming agent mix equablyThen curing accelerator is addedThe fluidity mixture obtained after mixing It is poured in the mold of regulation, utilizes the effect of curing accelerator to solidifyThe last moisture that removes from the firming body obtained is carried out It is dried.The shortcoming that although this method relative to traditional method, has been abandoned and produced evil mind, percent defective is higher, but exist Deficiency, as porosity is low, easily causes air-hole blockage, thus reduces the grinding performance of emery wheel.

Grinding, grind and polishing emery wheel, according to the kind of used binding agent can be roughly divided into vitrified bonded grinding wheel, Resin bond wheel, metal bonded wheel and electrode deposition emery wheel.Wherein, use from grinding efficiency and grinding effect Reason considers, is used mostly resin bond wheelThe organic bond used as resin bond wheel typically has phenolic aldehyde Resin, epoxy resin, polyvinyl alcohol, polyurethane resin, melmac etc.And using most in the market is poly-second The elastic polished emery wheel of enol resin bond wheel, i.e. polyvinyl alcohol.

The elastic polished emery wheel of polyvinyl alcohol is the polishing body combined by polyvinyl alcohol resin and abrasive material, is a kind of novel bullet Property polishing temper material, be called " elastic terrazzo ", it not only wearability strong, there is certain consistency and elasticity, polishing effect The best, service life is long, and the most do not produce dust, pollute light, easy heat radiation, the porosity high, is not likely to produce " plug eye ", It is difficult to workpiece of burning, and is avoided that the high temperature grinding generation, be suitable for high speed polishing and grind, considerably beyond biography in serviceability The polishing grinding-material of system.It can be used for soft metal (rustless steel, phosphor bronze, zinc, copper, aluminum etc.), hard metal and nonmetal Grinding, it addition, it is the most notable to remove the effects such as the surface scale of corrosion resistant plate and defect.In particular with flying of IT industry Speed development, the application of the elastic polished material of polyvinyl alcohol is developed the most rapidly and is widely applied, such as: PCB and CCL pressing The grinding and polishing of plate, the fine-grinding and polishing of computer hard disc matrix, fine grinding of the grinding and polishing of LCD plane and magnetic head of swiping the card etc..Can To say, the special performance that the elastic polished emery wheel of polyvinyl alcohol has, is that other buffing wheel is irreplaceable.

Wherein the elastic polished emery wheel of polyvinyl acetaldehyde receives much concern with the performance of its excellence, uses Pioloform, polyvinyl acetal Change is prepared the method for bonding agent and is appeared in the newspapers: the Chinese invention patent application of publication number CN101429318A disclose a kind of rich in The preparation method of watersoluble polyvinyl alcohol grinding and polishing wheel, this buffing wheel has the advantage that 1) have and be similar to sea in a large number Abundant micro-pore of continuous structure, has good elasticityMore because tissue exists pore, abrasive dust can be got rid of rapidly, not fill out Plug, it is adaptable to grind work for a long time2) this " elastic terrazzo " intensity is high, and heating is few, rapid heat dissipation, is avoided that grinding is produced Raw high temperature, is difficult to workpiece of burning, and can prevent spiral type burn, piebaldism and chatter mark3) wearability is strong, and sharpness is good, tool Having the ability that grinding angle of cutting edge changes, self-sharpening is excellent, and grinding resistance is uniform, need not repair grinding tool in grinding process, will not Produce dust pollution.

But, although the elastic polished emery wheel of polyvinyl acetaldehyde is widely used, but its performance is not ideal enough, and application is subject to To limiting, there is also following weak point: 1) aldehydes is poisonous, and has the strongest volatility, produce and use dangerous, Endanger healthy and serious environment pollution2) abrasive material is difficult to control to the ratio of bonding agent, and ratio is excessive, in conjunction with loosely, Easily come offRatio is too small, and slurry is difficult to mix, and even there will be coagulative precipitation3) finished product density and foam structure difference are relatively Greatly4) acetalizing degree is difficult to control to, and the acetalation time is longer5) fragility is bigger6) it is difficult to modification and is applied to other field.

Present aims to the deficiency of the elastic polished emery wheel of polyvinyl acetaldehyde self, it is provided that a kind of elastic Good, excellent radiation performance, mechanical strength are high elastic polished emery wheel of polyvinyl alcohol polyurethane and preparation method thereof.

The present uses polyurethane to replace aldehydes to prepare bonding agent with polyvinyl alcohol crosslinked, and the segment by polyurethane promotes The mechanical performance of buffing wheel and regulation microcellular structure, high elastic polished of research and development good springiness, excellent radiation performance, mechanical strength The preparation method of emery wheel, it is achieved the environmental protection of buffing wheel produces.

The object  is achieved through the following technical solutions:

A kind of preparation method of polyvinyl alcohol-elastic polyurethane buffing wheel, comprise the steps: first by polyvinyl alcohol and Distilled water mixes, and under 5095 DEG C of water-baths, dissolves 2030min, obtain poly-second under conditions of rotating speed 400600r/min Enol aqueous solutionThen control to be 30100 DEG C by polyvinyl alcohol water solution temperature, be initially charged abrasive material, at rotating speed 300 Add base polyurethane prepolymer for use as after stirring under conditions of 600r/min, catalyst and pore generate agent, at rotating speed 400 600r/min is uniformly mixed, and reacts 510minUnder the conditions of 30100 DEG C, solidify 24h, obtain polyvinyl alcohol-poly- The elastic polished emery wheel of urethane

By percentage to the quality, its composition of raw materials consists of:

Described abrasive material be diamond, carborundum, aluminium oxide, chromium oxide, magnesium oxide, white fused alumina, carborundum, palm fibre just Jade, white fused alumina, fused alumina zirconia, black corundum, black silicon carbide, green silicon carbide, microcrystal fused alumina, single alundum, pink fused alumina, Pr-Nb fused alumina, One or more in Alumina alundum

Described catalyst is stannous octoate, N, N-dimethyl cyclohexyl amine, double (2-dimethylaminoethyl) ether, triethylene two One or more in amine, carboxylic acid potassium, 1,3,5-tri-(dimethylaminopropyl)-hexahydrotriazine and dibutyl tin laurate

Described pore generates agent and includes one or more in foaming agent, foam stabilizer, foam stabilizer and spackling

Described foaming agent is pentane, normal hexane, normal heptane, iso-butane, isopentane, oxolane, petroleum ether, trichlorine fluorine One or more in methane, dichlorodifluoromethane and dichlorotetra-fluoroethane

Described foam stabilizer is polyacrylamide, albumen, polypeptide, starch, cellulose, dimethyl dodecyl amine oxide, gathers One or more in ethylene glycol, monoethanolamine, diethanolamine

Described foam stabilizer is sodium lauryl sulphate, dodecylbenzene sodium sulfonate, silicone oil, stearic acid, lecithin, fatty acid Glyceride, fatty acid Pyrusussuriensis are smooth, in Polysorbate, sulfated castor oil, dioctyl succinate disulfonate acid and benzalkonium chloride one Plant or multiple