The on-line scheduling control system of PU wheels for trolley

2023-04-25 11:09:58 admin

a kind of on-line scheduling control system of the unmanned carrying Intelligent navigating bogie based on RFID, it is characterised in that: if including Dry platform AGV trolley, multiple production WorkStation scheduling terminals and a remote control center, all AGV trolleies by wireless network with Remote control center communication connection, all production WorkStation scheduling terminals pass through ethernet network and remote control center communication link It connects, all AGV trolleies are connected with each production WorkStation scheduling terminal by being laid on the navigation magnetic stripe of workshop

The AGV trolley includes that load-carrying car body and the power supply being arranged on load-carrying car body, power-driven mechanism, servo turn To mechanism, magnetic navigation module, RFID module, wireless communication module, PLC control module and it is arranged in poly- on load-carrying chassis of vehicle body Urethane wheel, the power supply are that AGV trolley is powered, power-driven mechanism and servo steering mechanism with polyurethane vehicle Wheel is connected, and power-driven mechanism is equipped with power motor and traveling control module, and power motor and traveling control module are electrically connected It connects, servo steering mechanism is equipped with servo motor and course changing control module, servo motor and the electrical connection of course changing control module, traveling Control module, course changing control module, magnetic navigation module, RFID module and wireless communication module are electrically connected with PLC control module

Equidistant on the navigation magnetic stripe to be equipped with several RFID electronic label, all RFID electronic label are penetrated with RFID module Frequency communicates to connect, and the address coordinate coding of current location locating for characterization AGV trolley is stored in the RFID electronic label

The magnetic navigation module uses magnetic navigation sensor, and the magnetic navigation sensor includes multiple miniature magnetic field detection sensings Device, LED light corresponding with miniature magnetic field detection sensor and control chip, the miniature magnetic field detection sensor and LED light is electrically connected with control chip, and the quantity of the magnetic navigation module is 2, before being separately positioned on load-carrying car body End bottom middle position and rear end face bottom middle position, the quantity of the RFID module is 2, one of to be arranged preceding The rear portion of end face magnetic navigation module, the front of rear end face magnetic navigation module is arranged in anotherAll magnetic navigation modules and navigation Plummet distance between magnetic stripe is maintained at 30-50mm, and the plummet distance between all RFID modules and RFID electronic label is kept In 30-50mm

The magnetic navigation module is equipped at least three LED light, and LED light is used to indicate AGV trolley in automatic running mistake Whether Cheng Zhongqi travel route shifts, and each LED light corresponds to a position switch signal, and magnetic navigation module is by position It sets omicronff signal transmission to be handled to PLC control module, and issue instructions to traveling control module and course changing control module to make Polyurethane wheel differential steering is rectified a deviation to realize to AGV trolley

The production WorkStation scheduling terminal is equipped with station terminal interaction software systems, and the remote control center is equipped with long-range Control centre's interactive software system is equipped in remote control center interactive software system and indicates all AGV trolley driving paths Real-time routes figure is labeled with and the

one-to-one road sign point of RFID electronic label, the road sign point energy on the real-time routes figure Enough driving path real-time displays according to AGV trolley are red or green

The load-carrying car body of all AGV trolleies is equipped with the first starting/stop button with vehicle, in the production WorkStation scheduling terminal Equipped with the second starting/stop button for controlling all AGV trolleies, the remote control center interactive software system is equipped with control Third starting/stop button of all AGV trolleies, first starting/stop button, the second starting/stop button and third Linkage control is used between starting/stop button, wherein the starting of the controllable AGV trolley of any one starting/stop button With stopping, and busy/idle state of AGV trolley is judged whether the start and stop by controlling AGV trolley

Each production WorkStation scheduling terminal can send the dispatch command for calling AGV trolley, will by Ethernet Dispatch command is transmitted to remote control center, and remote control center is currently at the free time according to dispatch command sending control instruction The AGV trolley of state after AGV trolley receives the control instruction from remote control center, drives towards sending dispatch command automatically Production WorkStation scheduling terminal wait loading, AGV trolley drives towards final unloading destination automatically and waits unloading after fully loaded, to sky AGV trolley original place waits next control instruction of remote control center after loadAGV trolley is during automatic running, PLC control Molding block will include at least speed, load-carrying and the AGV of position trolley information of vehicles by wireless network in real time and be transferred to long-range control Center processed, to realize remote control center to the on-line scheduling and management function of AGV trolley.