Why do someone quote low price for PU wheels?

2023-04-25 10:46:28 admin

You can get 100 different price of polyurethane wheels if you inquiry 100 suppliers. Someone can quote very low price, and someone quote high price. Importers will be confused. How should I choose?

You must understand the point which raw materials of PU wheel is expensive. Some companies add calcium powder to raw materials to cut down production cost. They add weight of calcium powder according to quotation. In fact, buyer give any price, polyurethane wheel manufacturer can supply, but PU foam wheel quality is different.

Raw materials of PU wheels have A grade,B grade,C grade. Those very cheap PU wheel only use C grade and mix to calcium powder. Do you know calcium powder price is very cheap?

We produce only use A grade raw materials and special formula for high performance. Our company invested huge money for research of high performance PU wheel.