How do importer choose PU wheels in price?

2023-04-25 10:43:06 admin

Now there are all kinds of PU foam wheel’s price in market. Someone think low price is reasonable, and somebody think high price means good quality. Importers are confused. How I should choose polyurethane wheels?

Firstly, consumer should understand where PU wheel is used, and what characteristic PU wheel will own.

User must pay more attention to features of polyurethane wheels, but isn’t PU foam wheel’s price.

Eg. It is very cold in your local market, then you have to use Anti-cracking type. If you will use PU wheel to load more weight, you have to buy loading heavy weight type. If PU wheels that you bought isn’t suitable for use, it have no any value. These cheap PU foam wheel don’t use at all.

Consumer must choose PU wheels according to requirement of use. If you still don’t understand, please send me e-mail.