Do you wonder polyurethane wheels size?

2021-05-25 10:27:37 admin

I would like confirm PU wheels size is same with rubber wheels size. We can make all kinds of size as long as importer supply design and requirement. PU foam wheels size is as following:

1) PU wheel for hand trolley

 6”x2”,200x50,300-4,350-4,350-6 and so on.

2) PU wheels for wheelbarrow

 350-7,350-8,300-8,325-8,400-8,500-6,600-6,650-6 and so on.

3) PU foam wheel for bike and electrical bike


4) polyurethane wheel for tools

  6”x2”,200x50,300-4,350-4,350-6 and so on.