What is polyurethane wheels? Which PU wheel is excellent?

2023-04-25 10:41:48 admin

Full name is called polyurethane foam wheels, it’s abbreviation is PU wheels or PU foam wheels.

How are people made of PU wheel?

Raw materials of PU wheel include component A ,component B and accessory materials. I confirm that characteristic of polyurethane wheel depend on mainly accessory materials. Special PU foam tires must use special formula. We have developed five series of special use for PU wheel.

1)Wear proof type

Life of the PU wheel is very long, which is over one time longer than common one.

2)Loading heavy weight type  

The polyurethane wheels can load more quantity than normal wheels, so consumer can save some work   time. Consumer only uses the wheel under some special condition.

3)Anti-cracking type  

Consumer can use the PU wheel under cold weather.          

4)Eco-friendly type  

Raw materials of the polyurethane tire don’t contain any harmful component to keep air clean.    

5)Comfortable type

The polyurethane wheel can reduce fatigue when consumer uses it.


Of course, these special PU foam wheel price is higher than common PU wheel price, but their value is very high. If you look for high value, I advise you use good PU wheels. If you like cheap PU foam wheel, you may choose common PU wheel.

PU wheel price fromChinais lower than developed countries, but our features is better than their polyurethane wheel. Why is this case? Cost of production inChinais lower than developed countries.

We can produce common polyurethane wheels if you like low quality with low price. Most importers fromAmericaand Europe bought, are buying, will be buy outstanding characteristic PU wheels. Those importers from Middle East still like cheap PU wheels. Someone from Middle East also start import high quality PU foam wheels. As economic growing, more consumers in all the world like to use high quality PU wheels.