Rubber wheels Vs PU wheels Vs EVA wheels

2023-04-25 11:51:46 admin

Rubber wheel is made of natural rubber.
Rubber Wheel Advantage:

1)Rubber wheel price is cheap in market.

2)Rubber wheels elasticity is excellent.

3)Rubber wheel can run high speed.

Rubber Wheel Defect:

Rubber wheels must inflate in interval time.

Rubber wheel may be cracked under bad condition.

PU wheel is made of polyurethane foaming.

PU Wheels Advantage:

1) PU foam wheel with various rim, color and tread.

2) PU foam wheel is environment-friendly products.

3) Polyurethane wheel is much lighter than traditional rubber pneumatic wheel and solid wheel in weight.

4) PU wheels can save costly repair time or replacement

of tires and tubes.

5) Save all downtime related to flat tires.

6) PU wheel is long lasting use based on high standard raw materials.

7) PU foam wheel is excellent elasticity in both heat and cold condition.
8) PU wheel is resistant to water, oil, dirt, acid and alkali.

9) Solid polyurethane wheels are widely used for wheelbarrow, Lawn cart, hand trolley, mobility chairs, etc.

PU Wheel Defect:

1)PU wheels price is high.

EVA wheel is made of plastic foaming.

EVA Wheel Advantage:

1)EVA wheel price is cheap.

2)EVA wheel elasticity is good.

EVA Wheels defect:

1)EVA wheel can’t last long time, it’s life is vey short.


Performance advantage: PU wheels>Rubber wheels>EVA wheels

Price advantage:       EVA wheel>Rubber wheel>PU wheel

How do you choose them?

Yes, all wheels have own advantage and defect. You can choose wheels according to your requirement. If you have any question, please send me e-mail.