Why do people like using PU wheels?

2023-04-25 11:47:46 admin

Polyurethane wheels are injection-molded, mechanically and chemically bonded to a polyolefin center. They are non-marking, non-conductive, and superior to rubber in withstanding grease, oil, cutting, chunking, and abrasive wear.

The elastic polyurethane wheels are used in a wide variety of industries, as they are regarded as all-rounders for many industrial applications. The material combines high load capacities and low rolling resistance with good elasticity. The polyurethane castors can thus be used for numerous applications and areas of application. The combination of these properties makes the wheels equally suitable for a wide variety of floors. In addition, PU wheels are resistant to most oils and greases. They are therefore not only used in logistics, conveyor and shelving systems, but also in mechanical engineering and similar manufacturing industries. Thanks to a wide range of sizes and high load-bearing capacity, polyurethane wheels are reliable and durable.

Polyurethane wheels - high quality and flexible

Polyurethane wheels are available in a wide variety of designs in our range. They are available as transport castors up to heavy duty castors with high load capacity per castor and convince accordingly flexible in various fields of application. The many positive properties of polyurethane make it particularly suitable as a material for wheels. It is highly resilient and at the same time extremely robust and durable. Furthermore, it is abrasion-resistant and therefore non-marking. For this reason, polyurethane wheels can also be used in areas where floors are particularly sensitive. Since PU is elastic, the polyurethane wheel offers a pleasantly low-noise run. In addition, the material acts as a vibration damper depending on the condition of the ground. Because polyurethane has good adhesion to the wheel body as a tread, it offers a high dynamic load capacity - and therefore excellent grip with low rolling resistance. These characteristics distinguish these special wheels and ensure the high satisfaction of our customers.

Large selection of high-performance polyurethane wheels in our range

you will find a very large selection of robust polyurethane wheels. Accordingly, you can fall back on a multitude of pre-configured solutions. Of course we know that even with our extensive range it is not possible to cover all individual requirements. Our product range includes the most common sizes in the industry. Contact us if you do not find the right solution for your requirements. We would also like to draw your attention to our complete catalogue with more than 10,000 individual items. In this catalogue you will find a complete list of our entire product range, including information and product guides.

High resistance in many applications

Polyurethane is largely resistant to oils, greases, petrol and many chemicals. It can therefore be used in industries that work with lubricants as well as in productions that handle cleaning agents or chemicals. Polyurethane is also frequently used in many areas due to its good resistance to cleaning. For these reasons, more and more companies are relying on wheels made of this material because wear and tear and thus maintenance costs can be effectively reduced. Particularly in large production facilities with a large number of equipment, such a changeover can save money and increase the efficiency of production processes.

The load capacity of polyurethane wheels at a glance

The advantage of the polyurethane wheel lies above all in its very high load-bearing capacity and enormous stability. The wheels with plain, roller and ball bearings have a load capacity of between 50 and 3,000 kg per wheel. This means that the wheels can easily be used even under extreme loads. For this reason, more and more customers are turning to polyurethane wheels, especially in industrial production. We will be happy to calculate the maximum load of your selected polyurethane wheels for your application - just contact us!

Polyurethane wheels for all floors

The universal polyurethane wheel can usually be used without any problems on all floors. It rolls smoothly on smooth, flat, rough and uneven floors as well as on sensitive surfaces. Its elastic surface ensures reliable contact with the various floor conditions and makes work easier thanks to its good manoeuvrability. The wheels can also be used safely on soft as well as on firm, uneven and loose surfaces. This makes them ideal for driving on floors with different structures and conditions. A wheel made of polyurethane absorbs almost any condition and convinces with its smooth running and ease of movement.

developing individual wheels for you

If you do not find a suitable product in our product range, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will develop unique polyurethane solutions for you according to your specifications. Not only do we professionally implement the wishes of our customers, we also test the wheels and castors we develop in accordance with the applicable quality standards. For our customers, we develop tailor-made products, tailored to their requirements and areas of application, thus ensuring smooth operations in your company - because your satisfaction is what drives our company!