What’s bearing on PU wheels?

2023-04-25 11:50:50 admin

Tires and tubes often be installed plastic rim and steel rim, which is called rubber wheel. Bearing mainly have common bearing, ball bearing, roller bearing. Now question is whether polyurethane wheel can use bearings as rubber wheels. Yes, PU foam wheel can use any bearing according to consumer’s requirement. PU wheels with ball bearing, roller bearing, common bearing.

We use excellent bearing for PU wheels, especially, duty-heavy PU wheels must install high quality bearing, or polyurethane wheels will be stopped running. Our cost is 50% higher than common bearings. This is one of reasons why our PU wheels price is high. We are seeking “product value”, not “product price”. Our company always make high performance PU foam wheels for customers.

We may use common bearings for you if you don’t mind PU wheels life. Of course, this small bearing can infect whole polyurethane wheels life. This is question which is ignored by people. I advise that consumers use excellent performance PU wheels.