Do you pay more attention to PU wheels price or PU wheels value?

2021-05-25 10:17:21 admin

I often receive some inquiries from different countries consumers, some let me quote the lowest price for them. I said PU wheels price don’t have the lowest price, only you give any price, We can make if you don’t mind PU wheel quality. Why do manufacturers can produce at any price? I tell you the secret of PU wheels price. If you give low price, suppliers have to mix calcium powder to PU wheels raw materials. I confirm calcium powder cost is very cheap, but PU wheels performance become very weak.  Do you still like low PU wheels price now?

We invested huge money to develop high performance PU wheels for customers. PU wheel cost is very high, because we use patent formulas and the best PU wheel raw materials to make. We sell PU wheels value, don’t sell PU wheels price. If you pay more attention to PU wheels value, please contact us. Our high performance PU wheels include five types:

1)Wear proof type

Life of the PU wheel is very long, which is over one time longer than common one.

2)heavy-duty type

The polyurethane wheels can load more quantity than normal wheels, so consumer can save some work   time. Consumer only uses the wheel under some special condition.

3)Anti-cracking type

Consumer can use the PU wheel under cold weather.          

4)Eco-friendly type

Raw materials of the polyurethane tires don’t contain any harmful component to keep air clean.    

5)Comfortable type

The polyurethane wheel can reduce fatigue when consumer uses it.

Some suppliers also inquiry to us in order to get our PU wheels price. We always quote high price for them, don’t send us e-mail again.

I find more and more European and American customers perfect high performance PU wheels, these customers start to disgust low performance with low PU wheels price. Our orders of high performance PU wheels have raised up 80% in developed countries and get to 40% in developing countries. People are seeking high value products in the world now.

Dear consumers, Do you perfect low PU wheels price or high performance PU wheels? If you are seeking PU wheels value, please contact us, because this is a your right choice! Of course, if you perfect low PU wheels price, you may send us e-mail, but you don’t complain PU wheels quality. We are waiting for your inquiry!