Which is the best polyurethane wheels manufacturer in China?

2023-04-25 11:53:09 admin

Our company is built in 1990, and have developed sole high-performance PU wheels in China. PU wheels sizes include following:

5 inch: 5"x1.5"

6 inch: 6"x1.5", 6"x1.75",6''X2''

7 inch: 7"x1.1",7"x1.5", 7"x2",7"x4",7"(171x56),7"(173x29),7"(176x30)

8 inch: 8"x1.25",8"x1.5",8"x1.75",8"x3",8''X2.80/2.50-4, 8"x1.75, 8"x2", 8"x2.2", 8"x2.5" 8"x3"

10 inch: 10"x1.75",10"x2", 10"x2.5"10"x3.5",10''X3.00-4, 10''X3.50-411 inch: 11''x4.00-4

12 inch: 12"x1.75", 12"x2", 12"x3",12"x6",12''x3.50-5, 12.5"x2.25"

13 inch: 13''x3.00-6 , 13''x3.50-6 , 13''x4.00-6, 13"x3.50-7,13''x5.00-6, 13''x3.00-8, 13''x3.25-8, 13"x2.5", 13"x3"

14 inch: 14''x3.50-8, 14"x1.75",14"x3", 14.5"x2.3",14.6"x3.3"

15 inch: 15''x6.00-6, 15''x6.50-6, 15"x3"

16 inch: 16''x1.75'',16''x2.125'',16''x4.00-8, 16''x4.50-8, 16''x4.80-8, 16''x6.50-8, 16''x7.50-8

18 inch: 18''x8.50-8

20 inch: 20''x1.375'',20''x1.75'',20''x2.125''

22 inch: 22''x1.375''

24 inch: 24''x1.375''

26 inch: 26''x2'',26''(655x52)

You can choose PU wheels with bearing ,with roller or other bearing. Our PU wheels can suit for wheelbarrow, Lawn cart, hand trolley, mobile chairs, wheelchair, etc.

Our polyurethane wheels use patent formulas without calcium powder. We always seek PU wheel value, don’t ask for my low PU wheel price. If you are value trend, please contact us.