polyurethane wheels for tough industrial applications

2023-04-25 12:04:50 admin

Whether you need a polyurethane caster wheel for a food or pharmaceutical application or you need ideas for reducing production costs without sacrificing part quality, Urethane Innovators can help. 

Our expertise includes finding the best solutions to tough application challenges – such as developing the concave radius wheel pictured.

We manufacture all types of custom polyurethane wheels

·         Idler wheels

·         Drive wheels

·         Concave radius wheels

·         Urethane covered bearings

·         Dual durometer wheels

·         Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Stacker wheels

We meet your unique application challenges

·         FDA Approvable urethane for food or pharmaceutical applications

·         Custom urethane blends for durometer, temperature, environmental and chemical compatibility

·         Additives to enhance specific properties: friction inhibitors, wear extenders, UV absorption, and static dissipative

·         Dual durometer: An excellent money-saving option to aluminum or steel in the right application

·         Volume production: from 50 pieces to 10,000