Why is it advisable to use polyurethane caster wheels in heavy duty industrial caster and wheel applications?

2023-04-25 12:02:55 admin

Polyurethane wheels are one of the most popular wheels in both caster and drive wheel industrial applications. According to manufacturers of caster wheel in China, polyurethane wheels are first choice of industrial sectors across the globe.

Some reasons why polyurethane wheels have always been in trend and demand have been discussed below.

1. Noise reduction! According to caster wheel manufacturers in China, in comparison to cast iron or steel wheels, polyurethane wheels make very less noise. They are not only quiet but also absorb shocks and bumps on their way. They play an important role in cushioning the ride on an uneven terrain. Noise level reduces dramatically when polyurethane wheels are used in place of cast iron or steel wheels which also offer protection to the hearing power of the employees.

2. High load bearing capacity! According to trolley caster wheel manufacturers in China, load bearing capacity of polyurethane wheels is much higher than that of regular rubber wheels. Polyurethane wheels offer added benefit of high load bearing capacity along with other benefits of rubber wheel such as less noise, shock absorber and cushioned ride on uneven surface.

3. Coefficient of friction! Another benefit of using polyurethane wheels over other wheels of hard material is its coefficient of friction. As per experts of caster wheel manufacturing industry, caster wheels have a good grip on the surface and can be used in keeping the trolley towed right side up which in case of harder wheel material can create problems like sliding. Experts also tell that polyurethane wheels offer good traction to the drive wheels which further reduces amount of load on the wheels and help achieving the desired driving force.

4. Floor protection! Another benefit of using polyurethane wheels over other varieties is floor protection. These wheels deflect and create larger footprints as compared to harder material wheels such as nylon. This larger area reduces concentration of load and stress on the floor and keeps the floor in the same shape for longer period of time.

5. Resistance to corrosion! If you are in environment where exposure of caster wheels to certain chemicals, solvents and water is unavoidable then polyurethane wheels are the best choice. They don’t corrode or break down in humid or wet environment. Apart from that they have certain degree of tolerance to various chemicals and solvents.