• The on-line scheduling control system of PU wheels for trolley

    a kind of on-line scheduling control system of the unmanned carrying Intelligent navigating bogie based on RFID, it is characterised in that: if including Dry platform AGV trolley, multiple productio

    2021/05/31 admin

  • Do you wonder formed wheel tires and ways?

    The present invention is related to a combination of a wheel and tire. It finds particular usage on bicycles, but the same can be used on numerous other vehicles not the least of which is a rickshaw,

    2021/05/31 admin

  • Do you know polyvinyl alcohol-elastic polyurethane wheels ?

    Elastic polished emery wheel of polyvinyl alcohol polyurethane and preparation method thereof.Polyvinyl alcohol and distilled water are first mixed by this preparation method, under 50~95 DEG C of wa

    2021/05/28 admin

  • Do you know combined material for polyurethane wheels?

    a combined material for a polyurethane foam wheel and a preparation method thereof. The combined material is prepared from the following components: 100 parts of prepolymer prepared from polyether pol

    2021/05/28 admin

  • How do importer choose PU wheels in price?

    Now there are all kinds of PU foam wheel’s price in market. Someone think low price is reasonable, and somebody think high price means good quality. Importers are confused. How I should choose polyure

    2021/05/28 admin

  • Which polyurethane can be made wheels?

    Polyurethanes are one of the most versatile plastic materials. The nature of the chemistry allows polyurethanes to be adapted to solve challenging problems, to be molded into unusual shapes and to enh

    2021/05/28 admin

  • What is polyurethane wheels? Which PU wheel is excellent?

    Full name is called polyurethane foam wheels, it’s abbreviation is PU wheels or PU foam wheels.How are people made of PU wheel?Raw materials of PU wheel include component A ,component B and accessory

    2021/05/28 admin

  • PU foaming body having double foaming function

    PU foam product, its manufacturing process is very ripe, and its operation strategies widely, mainly contains following field:Sponge and flexible package: belong to soft bubble, its density is general

    2021/05/25 admin